About Me

I like maps, geospatial data, analysis and visualisation. I like to understand our cities through the above the tools. I am trained as an urban planner, while I strongly believe data and maps help to shape our cities into better places.

Data should be a strong and effective communication tool that everyone in the city could understand. However, in my days as an urban planning student and researcher, I frequently feel the power of data and maps are thrown into an abandoned land in the field. I can’t stop thinking how the power of data and maps could be promoted in urban planning. Data should not be that undervalued - we can use data to transform how we plan the cities, for the people.

That’s the major reason why I started this blog. I hope to write a bunch of random articles to showcase how data and GIS could be used to understand and plan our cities. Currently, I am indulged in developing maps and applications that could act as planning support tools.

My full portfolio and personal website is in https://kennethwong12.netlify.app/.

About this website

Where does the website name comes from?

Cities, Data, Maps.
Palette, Pigments, Paintings.

I always perceive myself as an urbanist. I love metropolitan lifestyle. I love randomly wandering across the alleyways and small streets in the town. I believe urban is a good place to stay in.

I am also a map nerd. I love reading and collecting maps since my childhood. I never thought of making maps as a profession until the first time I tried GIS.

I love maths and statistics, even though I actually bad at it. I thought I am good at maths during primary and secondary school, yet in the end I found myself an “better-than-average” person.

So, yea, the website name comes from the three things I love most. And I just use the term palette to make things a little bit sexier (hope it does).