About Me

NOTE: My full portfolio is actually available in another website of mine

Hello! I am Kenneth wong!

I am currently an assistant manager (Research) at Colliers. Before that, I was a teaching assistant for the Urban Analytics Master Programme, as well as researcher at the Department of Urban Planning and Design, HKU.

My works are mostly data-driven - I am responsible for geospatial data analysis and visualisation for various urban planning/analytics projects. Things I made are mostly maps and charts, in the form of academic paper, articles, web map applications and interactive charts.

I am professionally trained as an urban planner, while worked as an GIS specialist and data analyst. The major tools I use are Geographic Information System (GIS), R and Python. I am committed to use data and metrics to understand urban problems. I am also passionate in developing applications that helps to make solid decisions and provide recommendations for cities of tomorrow.

Storytelling with data is part of my interest. In spare time, you can find me in front of the monitor analysing various dataset, creating maps and exploring urban issues. Or, I am wandering around the city and acting like an urban flâneur.

About this website

Where does the website name comes from?

Cities, Data, Maps.
Palette, Pigments, Paintings.

I always perceive myself as an urbanist. I love metropolitan lifestyle. I love randomly wandering across the alleyways and small streets in the town. I believe urban is a good place to stay in.

I am also a map nerd. I love reading and collecting maps since my childhood. I never thought of making maps as a profession until the first time I tried GIS.

I love maths and statistics, even though I am actually bad at it. I thought I am good at maths during primary and secondary school, yet in the end I found myself merely an “better-than-average” person.

So, yea, the website name comes from the three things I love most. And I just use the term palette to make things a little bit sexier (hope it does).

The website is still under construction. Let me know if you have any ideas for improvements ;)