Postmortem of my #30DayMapChallenge 2022

Bits and bobs of why and how I craft those maps

How to: connect lines from two points with same attribute values in QGIS

A step-by-step walkthrough of creating a line layer from existing point layers using QGIS expressions

Replicating “Zoom to selected features” function in ArcGIS / QGIS with R shiny

Step-by-step guide on recreating “Zoom to selected features” button in shiny, with leaflet and DT

Create custom tile layer in Mapbox and use it in R

How to convert spatial data to map tiles and avoid rendering 15k points in leaflet

Postmortem of my #30DayMapChallenge 2021

What I thought about when crafting maps, as well as reviews after the challenge

Convert GML/GeoJSON to shapefile with QGIS

Quick tutorial on how not to get loss in the sea of spatial data format

Create spatial square/hexagon grids and count points inside in R with sf

Generate Tessellation and Summarise Within, but in R

How to create an animated map of paper cut symbology

aka miscellaneous ffmpeg commands

Add npm to existing ArcGIS JS API web app project

Setting up the development environment for web project

Visualising sunrise, sunset and daylength around summer solstice

Background on why I create this dataviz

R Markdown tricks for generating HTML reports

Formatting tables, Interactive map viewer, etc.

Creating 3D vintage topo maps in ArcGIS Pro - lessons learnt

New cartography knowledge learnt in this map making journey

7-Eleven vs. Circle K map: How to make

Some nerdy map-making notes and explanations

Interactive visualisation of commute pattern in Hong Kong

Interactive charts and (sort-of) scrollytelling with R & Shiny

Writing markdown in shiny

Escaping from writing raw HTMLs and numerous tags$

Converting nested XML to dataframe in R - a tidyverse approach

Transforming XML to tidy data (and CSV)

MTR vs. Bus Neighbourhood - Updates

Additional analysis on new towns and travel mode to school

Merging split shapefiles scattered across different folders with arcpy

The case of combing land use zoning shapefiles with same schema

My Thoughts on #30DayMapChallenge 2020

On the great journey of pursuing high-end cartography

3D pedestrian network dataset of Hong Kong - A Quick Look

What is the distribution of the 436,000 pedestrian walkways in terms of length and gradient?

Tools for Generating Public Transport Isochrone Maps

A few notes on finding tools to create isochrone map with public transit travel time

Accuracy & Resolution of Spatial Data

Outrageous living density requires outrageous data resolution

Creating vintage, stale scale bar

A small follow-up on the old stale map, with a new scale bar

Viewshed From Peaks

Quick round up of an interactive web map project

How to make a stale map in ArcGIS Pro

Pseudo-, not-so-historic ferry services map

Street Suffixes in Hong Kong

Visualising and analysing the distribution of street names

Home Sweet Home to Homeless

See how coronavirus pulls down number of flights between Hong Kong and Japan

Census Boundary Maps are lying to you

Land doesn’t travel, people do